Emilly K. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Auburn University. Her research interests lie at the intersections of organizational and interpersonal communication. Specifically, she examines the communicative (re)production of structural barriers to gender equity in the workforce. Emilly’s research has examined the gender wage gap, career choice, experiences of sexism in the workforce, and gendered socialization processes.

Her research projects have been funded by the Cassandra Book Scholarship, two PROMISE Awards from the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue, two Purdue Research Foundation summer fellowship, and a year-long Purdue Research Foundation Grant.

Emilly’s dissertation addresses the enduring problem of sexism in the technology industry. Her project examines how employees of tech organizations construct knowledge about gender diversity and inclusion policies. Her project aims to enhance understandings of obstacles to policy enactment and unearth ways in which organizations could create more equitable work environments.

Emilly has presented competitively selected papers, posters, and preliminary research at the annual meetings of the International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, the Aspen Conference on Engaged Communication Research, the Central States Communication Association, and the Organizational Communication Mini-Conference.

Emilly has taught courses in Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Introduction to Communication Theory, Interpersonal Communication, Communicating in the Global Workplace, Organizational Communication, and a specialty course in Careers, Communication Issues, & Strategies. She has also independently mentored an undergraduate student in qualitative methods.